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IDS Announces Aquisition of Aspen Logistics in Salt Lake City, UT

IDS is excited to announce the acquisition of Aspen Logistics in Salt Lake City, UT.  We welcome the Aspen team and excited to add their knowledge and expertise in the temp controlled pool distribution market for the Intermountain Region.  Expanding on the temp controlled service, through company owned assets, continues to carry the IDS Transportation strategy of cutting shippers’ costs, while expanding capacity.  The Salt Lake City location will also be a key hub to build on an already expanding intermodal consolidation service. Read More … 

IDS Transportation Solves Cost & Capacity Logistics Issues by Connecting Shippers to Intermodal and Managed TM Services

  • 53' Door-to-Door North American Intermodal Service, as a replacement for truckload shipments over 650 miles.
    • IDS is uniquely positioned with over 80% of its business focused on intermodal transportation.
    • The IDS Intermodal Network Coverage includes US, Canada and Mexico.
    • Intermodal Equipment Guide
    • Value added intermodal shipping solutions: 
      • Consolidation and pooling LTL, utilizing intermodal linehauls into all major cities for significant LTL cost savings. 
      • Transloading services available at major port cities. 
  • Transportation Management Services programs designed to help companies focus on their strategic competencies, while IDS handles the daily supply chain execution challenges through a collaborative SaaS cloud technology platform that provides enhanced vision and analytics.
    • LTL cost improvement programs driven through technology for rate shopping price and service; and identifying consolidation and pooling opportunities. 
  • End-to-end supply chain management solutions through the warehousing division's distribution, fulfillment, warehousing, kitting and packaging capabilities. 
IDS Transportation efficiently connects shippers to intermodal door-to-door rail service with 53' equipment.  Intermodal has evolved to where clients are embracing it as an effective alternative within their supply chain for additional truckload capacity.  IDS offers both standard and expedited services through its various class I railroad relationships.  IDS technology and process makes intermodal look and operate like truck service, while not sacrificing speed for savings over OTR options.  Price and carbon footprint improvements versus OTR has a greening effect to our clients' bottom line and environment.
Outside of converting trucking lanes to intermodal, IDS also provides value added services around its intermodal network.  These services options include LTL consolidation and pooling into major markets, along with transloading ocean containers for import and export business.             
Transportation Management Services
The IDS Managed Transportation Service solution delivers both a rapid return on investment and consistent value for clients.  Our solution is designed to analyze, consolidate and optimize shipments and transportation information for our clients.  IDS views transportation management services as more than technology, more than a 3PL outsourcing model, more than freight savings and more than visibility.  The very best solutions take an optimal blend of people and technology to deliver enterprise savings and full collaboration solutions for our clients' internal and external customer base.
The IDS transportation management solution brings a new breed of pay-as-you-go cloud-based technology that empowers companies to connect real-time with all their supply chain partners within either an outbound freight management or an inbound freight management program. 
Jump Start Your Supply Chain with 53’ Door-to-Door Domestic Intermodal:
Shippers initially make the move to intermodal for cost and capacity reasons, but its consistent reliability that keeps them coming back.
60 pages of must know content from industry experts that travel the country speaking to shippers, 3PL’s and capital markets about domestic intermodal.
After reading this eBook, you’ll know all there is to know about the 53’ domestic intermodal market; fully understand what makes for a great intermodal lane; and how to operationally execute intermodal in the office and on the floor for a successful road-to-rail intermodal conversion program.
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