Outsourcing TMS | Inbound Freight Management

Outsourcing TMS | Inbound Freight Mgt


IDS Transportation Management Services efficiently and effectively provides clients a vehicle to outsource their transportation activies and move transportation from a cost center to a competitive advantage.  The IDS Transportation Management Solution optimizes freight movements for least cost, best transit and full network network visibility and analysis through a web based TMS for manufacturers and retailers.  Through our technology, people and measured processes, IDS Transportation revolutionizes how clients source, plan, execute, deliver and analyze their transportation management activities throughout the entire supply chain for improved service and a total supply chain cost savings. 
Enterprise Benefit of Outsourcing TMS:
Enterprise Value of Managed TM Services

Inbound Freight Management
While a great deal of importance is placed on outbound shipments, an even greater opportunity exists to optimize a company's supply chain performance through better inbound freight management.  Procurement, order optimization, visibility, improved KPI’s, controlled process and compliance are drivers to smooth today's complex inbound process made up of a multitude of moving parts, players, compliance requirements and synchronization challenges.  
The IDS Transportation inbound freight management service provides a dynamic platform where vendors call directly into the team, which then books and optimizes the freight movements for the day based on lane volumes and the most current carrier agreements. Through our inbound freight management solution, all stakeholders have the information at their fingertips via a single platform to facilitate communication in a collaborative environment.  Purchasing, Vendors, Carriers, Accounting, Receiving and Traffic can exchange information collaboratively to optimize how product enters into your operation and is transferred into a saleable state to quickly improve the order to cash cycle.
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