Intermodal Transportation Saves Time and Money:

Companies shipping truckloads over 700 miles now have a real alternative to trucking their freight. More and more shippers rely on IDS Transportation for door-to-door intermodal on 53' equipment to maximize shipping lane capacity, minimize costs and guarantee reliable delivery of their products. Through IDS, it only takes one call for shippers to gain access to over 150,000 North American intermodal containers. Our leading-edge technology makes the transition from truckload to intermodal simple.

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Key Advantages Intermodal has over Truckload:

  • An average of 15% to 18% cost savings
  • Capacity solution for constrained truckload lanes
  • More visibility with up-to-the-minute tracking
  • Truck competitive transits
  • Enhanced security
  • Decreased highway congestion
  • Improved carbon footprint
Intermodal Containers

What is Intermodal?

Intermodal transportation is the movement of freight via multiple methods of transportation. This method often results in reduced capacity requirements and lower costs, making it an attractive option for shippers. Intermodal also reduces the amount of handling in a shipment, which helps to increase security during transport. 

Map With Shipping Lanes

What Makes for a Good Intermodal Lane

When transporting a shipment to a buyer, shippers are always looking to create the most effective freight lane available. When planning your next load, there are a number of elements that you should consider to see if a conversion to intermodal is the best course of action for your shipment.

Intermodal Containers On a Train

Intermodal Misconceptions

There are numerous forms of intermodal transportation, and oftentimes this leads to some misunderstandings surrounding the speed, security, and value of intermodal. Many of these misconceptions were created years ago and have since been corrected, but many shippers are now leaving value on the table for loads that would be a good fit for intermodal.

Intermodal Network Map

Intermodal Network Map

IDS has developed a direct relationship with all of the North American Class I Railroads in the country. As a result of these relationships, IDS is able to provide some of most comprehensive 53' intermodal services in the industry. To learn more about the availability and strength of this network, take a look at our intermodal network map.

IDS transportation spot rate display

Intermodal Spot Rates

Our All-in Spot Rates are based on the rates published by the railroads. These rates are updated every Monday to reflect any changes from week to week. View this week's intermodal spot rates and bookmark the page to stay current with savings that are available to your business.

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IDS Transportation offers transloading services for both import and export freight at the major US ports. Our team relies on domestic intermodal services as opposed to inland international services. As a result clients receive a higher usage rate of maritime containers through faster turns, which results in signifcant cost savings for customers.

Train Carrying Intermodal Containers

Intermodal Terms & Definitions

Interested in learning more about the common terms that you will hear and see throughout the transportation process? We have compiled a complete list of the most common industry terms and their definitions for your reference.

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